The Forest: Séphora Mask

Open: November 21th to December 5th


In The Forest, you will find 2 options to purchase the items:


Buy "Fatpack"

Every month a group will be created for each round. Customers can purchase this ticket any time before or during the event and all the items at the event are theirs to take. The group fee may vary depending on the amount of designers. Up to 20 Stores : 1.000 L Fee 20 to 25 Stores : 1.500 L Fee 25 to 30 Stores : 2.000 L Fee


Buy Separate

Customers will also have the option of buying the products separately if they don't want to purchase the whole event fee. Of course you will get a better deal with the ticket membership, but if you only want one or two items, this option is perfect for you!

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