F o r   c u s t o m   w o r k

We modelling only fitted shoes and non-rigged accessories. If you are interested, please contact us here for more information and we will send you the notecard. 

F o r   o r g a n i z e r   o f   E v e n t s

All our apologies, if we're not be available for your event. 
The reasons for refusal can be: 
- An event that looks like the others that already exist. 
- A low conversion rate (calculTraffic/Sim). 
- A not very clear note. 
- Not have at least one name designer of selected. 
- Very busy at the same time as your event. 
NEW EVENT: this style of phrase is CRIPPLING for me "If you are chosen as a sponsor ... you will be contacted directly... purchase a default confirmation box... If selected as a sponsor, you will be contacted for additional information and payment" 
I PREFER: first-come, first-served.

F o r   P h o t o g r a p h e r s / B l o g g e r s

By choice and experience, we share our original products with very few Photographers/bloggers and they who are with us, is a talented and inspiring group of men and women who do a wonderful job of representing our products.

The 7 important points are:

1- Be dynamic, motivated, innovative, creative.
2- Make artistic photography  with our items.
3- Having creative and quality  pictures.
4- To have already published our featuring items.
5- Being active, blogged at least 70 % of the new releases that we send you (we understand not everything will fit your style).
6- IMPORTANT: Always read, the detailed instructions that we send you.
7- Old or newbies in your blog, everyone has a chance!

If, we do not reply in your request within 5 days, is that you did not been selected or we are not looking.
Especially don’t take it personally!

Go to the
Contact page and fill the form

F o r   m a g a z i ne

We are not taking into consideration all request, EXCEPT :
1) You have already publicized our items before and you are an extremely organized person.
2) To Reasonable rates.  
3) Knowing how to take high quality photos.  
4) Show us your pic before the final confirmation of the order.

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Thanks to our bloggers and customers for your support !. Mona Delpiaz(Signature), Siddean Munro (Slink), Tricky Boucher and Shyla Diggs (BELLEZA) , (Legacy) and (Maitreya) for your trust ! ....... We must not forget event organizers to call on us.