Cosmopolitan - Jézebel

Price : 488L$ Date: February 26th. SLurl:

Men Only Montly: Skrillex

Price : 249L$ Date: February 20th. SLurl:

Faithfulness Thigh-high boots

Price : 488L$ Date: February 17th. SLurl: Marketplace:

Cosmopolitan: Capricieuse

Price : 310L$ Date: February 12th. SLurl:

The Enchantment

Price : 289L$ Date: February 11th. Themed: Cinderella SLurl:

Ironic Sneaker Shoe for 90's Throwback

Price : 419L$ Event opens: February 10th Event Closes: February 28th Themed: This event is a siren song to all you 90's lovers. Rewind with us back to a time where it was okay to wear a full face of frosty makeup and getting slimed was an innocent act. SLurl:


Price : 430L$ Date: February 4th. SLurl: Marketplace:

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